Macro Monday #17

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I posted a black and white version of this flower a few weeks ago and thought maybe you’d like to see the original in colour.


29 thoughts on “Macro Monday #17

  1. Now is Macro Monday part of your inspirations because I can’t see a link to another blog? You’re confusing my tiny brain. As if it’s not enough to get snowed on on April 26th!!! 🙂 🙂

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    1. I think I just started posting macros on a Monday so the name stuck. There is a flickr group with the same name where they select a theme for the week, but I haven’t had time to join in yet! Did you get a photo of the snow? It is beautiful here, a cold wind and ‘fresh’ but quite lovely.


      1. After I commented I thought that it was probably a carry over from 60MM, and the answer is that I might have done. 🙂 🙂 We’ve had snow sun rain snow sun rain snow…you get the picture… all day but I’ve been cooking then cleaning at Dad’s so … 🙂

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        1. Oh, you clever thing – yes you are right and I have abandoned 60MM on your advice 🙂 We have had sun and wind all day 😀 I hope you are resting tomorrow!


        2. T’ai chi, more cooking, trip to the library, mammogram, no time for hair cut- will have to chance a Polish one :)- at least 1 more blog post to write and I really will have to pack as I leave home at 3.30 Thursday morning. Restful…. 🙂

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        3. And I forgot last minute shopping and replying to Meg’s lovely emails. 🙂 I’ll be pacing up and down in Poland. Just a bit too much ‘family’ and not enough restless. 🙂 Will definitely see you in Edinburgh! Is Friday/Saturday better? I’ll check Grand Central when I’m back cos it’s a smashing rail link.

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        4. Well I hope you manage to escape for some time on your own – much as I like spending time with family I always want a little ME time to explore. Not everyone appreciates my photo walks. Friday might be better – I just think weekends are always more crowded. But whatever suits you – I’ll have definite confirmation of events in June so don’t go booking anything just yet 🙂


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