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delicate-1I found this tiny decaying flower / petal whilst tidying up the pots at the weekend. Only 0.5cm diameter it is tiny. As it was a windy day I brought it inside and placed it on a black cloth to photograph.




50 thoughts on “Macro Monday #18

      1. I get annoyed when I can’t get the focus right, but it is good to take it slowly. Sometimes it hits the sweet spot straight away, other times…

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    1. Still learning to use this lens Ark. Maybe it is easier indoors. The focus can be somewhat erratic. I have an Olympus E-M10 and this is the 60mm macro lens. Only got the camera last year; so different to my Fuji bridge!

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      1. I’m pretty much an Auto person too, which is why I struggle with this camera and lens, and I have had instances where the focus has been spot on, but I can’t press the shutter and then when I can, it is out of focus!


      2. Tell me about it! But when I look back on the shots I took with my old Olympus OM10 35mm lens , this Canon 55mm I have is miles and miles better. And of course we can takes hundreds of shots if we like, with pretty much zero expense, right?


      3. I like the colours from this camera, they seem much brighter, and you are quite right, what we don’t like we can easily discard. I look at old photos too and think how rubbish they are, but is that the camera or me improving?


      4. Both, no doubt.
        Remember, in the ‘Old Days’ analogue photographers still fiddled with shots in the darkroom; enhancing this, highlighting that.
        Yes, this took a lot of skill but if you didn’t know how to compose a photograph or you don’t have ‘the eye’ all the technical know- how was simply no-how?

        Bill Jones jr. and his wife Maria have a marvelous blog series on the history of photography, mainly focusing on Street, including all the pioneers.
        I can post a link if you’re interested?

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    1. They looked quite nice in the natural sepia colour, but I liked the way this makes the flower look like it is worked in silver. I have 3 blogs LD. Shut down a couple of photoblogs a few years ago and integrated them in Travel Words. I still like this one on its own though I suppose it could merge at some point. Or when I run out of space for images I might just start over!


  1. This is lovely, and what a good idea to bring it inside to photograph it. It reminds me of the dead hydrangea flowers I took photos of meaning to use them for the Macro garden challenge, but then forgot! I might pick one or two off and bring them inside to practise with them!

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  2. Ahh, I thought it was the same as my last skeleton flower, but I don’t have a hydrangea. It’s beautiful Jude, I really love these tiny remains and always keep my eyes open for them. My own favourite is still the tomatillo casing last year, which is now framed.

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