This month Polianthus is looking for fountains featuring people or animals. This interesting looking black swan basilisk dragon / scultone* was captured in the Carouge district of Geneva. Such a fabulous place for spotting artistic fountains!


Carouge had been a separate entity from Geneva until 1816. Most of the buildings in Carouge were designed by architects from Turin, as commissioned by the King of Sardinia at the time which may account for the feeling I had of being in Italy.

*A sort of dragon basilisk in Sardinia, Italy. The Scultone lived in bushlands and was immortal. It was known to have the power to kill human beings with its gaze

if you’d like to join in with the fountain challenge then please pop over to Polianthus for the rules. I’m sure she would love to see you.

Friday Fountain Challenge: May

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