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40 thoughts on “Macro Monday #19

        1. This one seems to be an evergreen. I’ll try a bigger pot as I want to keep it in the courtyard which doesn’t get much sun – maybe a little in mid-summer, but so far it is quite shady. And I don’t have any ground there, just granite slabs and gravel!


    1. Having roamed around the world for most of my life I’m not sure what a home should feel like other than comfy and a place to want to be in. I am looking forward to making changes and buying furniture and getting it how I like after being in the rental for so long, but I’m not rushing. I want to do it properly. To be honest I enjoy the planning as much as the execution. Having second thoughts about the remodelling – seems more trouble than it’s worth and I think there may be better things to spend the money on (like a trip to Australia…)


        1. Guess what I just discovered, Jude, showing my total ignorance about cameras? I thought my telephoto lens was a macro lens. I didn’t realize they are two different things. I really should take a photography class. What I have is a telephoto lens, not a macro lens. 🙂

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