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hardy geranium (2)

This lovely hardy geranium is blooming in my garden. Since I didn’t plant it I do not know what variety is, but possibly ‘Dilys‘ with lovely purple-veined magenta pink flowers


22 thoughts on “Macro Monday #27

      1. I know Jude I really mustn’t complain and it is nice to have a contrast in seasons. We really have had a proper “winter” this year – my heavy duty winter gear has been on permanent rotation. Today is fine but very chilly – 12 degrees max or thereabouts and a bitter wind from the south. Have got the heating on full blast!


      2. I’m sure my Kiwi D-i-L is loving it! She nearly died in the 40 degree February heat. Mindst you she was 7 months pregnant at the time which wouldn’t have helped.

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      3. She will be enjoying this weather very much! I was talking to a Kiwi yesterday who was commenting on how cold it was. 40 degree heat is no fun least of all when you are 7 months pregnant. We did have an extreme spell of hot weather then – only about 4 days of around 40 degrees but it seemed like an eternity at the time!


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