garden photography: sunflowers

July is about growing plants to eat.

(This month I’m looking at edible gardens – an allotment, herb gardens, a potager or even a single tomato plant. If you want to go bigger then why not a rice terrace in China, a field of corn in the prairies or lavender in Provence; you decide )

I think I first saw a field full of sunflowers when I was in Greece for the first time, aged 17 and three-quarters. A girl friend and I had set off to hitch-hike around Europe during the summer and I still recall seeing these flowers with their faces to the sun. I also recall the lorry driver giving us fistfuls of salted sunflower seeds to nibble on, cracking the hull with one’s teeth and spitting it out while keeping the kernel in the mouth and eating it. Not as easy as you think!


Closer to home I photographed these lovely flowers on my daughter’s allotment – I’m not convinced they were grown for their edible seeds for humans, or for oil production, but the bees and later the birds would enjoy them.


Sunflower seeds or kernels are commonly eaten as a snack food. Often used in bread making and baking, added to muesli and other cereals, mixed with peanut butter or even made in to sunflower butter as well as being sold as food for wild birds.

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52 thoughts on “garden photography: sunflowers

  1. Yummy sunflowers, Jude. Hubby and I hitchhiked to London from Birmingham when we were students. We were lucky to get a ride back, first in a big truck, and then in a plush Rover. What a fun day that was. 🙂

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    • The red is a beauty and I believe commercially the black seeds are used for oil, though in this case I suspect it is grown for the wonderful colour.

  3. Love them . . . . .my first field was in France, can still remember scrambling out the car to take a shot with my Brownie Reflex. In fact I still have that camera but have never grown sunflowers. Might rectify that next year 🙂

  4. I love sunflowers but for some reason I keep forgetting to plant them! I think I last planted them about 8 years ago and the dog nibbled the growing tips off all the little plants and that was the end of them! I would like to grow them so that they provide food for the birds in the autumn. Maybe next year.

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