A painted lady butterfly resting on the sun-warmed boulders of Trencrom hill.

Identified by pale orange wings adorned with black and white spots with an underside of mottled brown spots, this little beauty can be found all across the British Isles.

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Few things say summer more eloquently than the fluttering of butterfly wings in the garden and countryside. Sadly I haven’t seen many this year other than up on the hill and only large white ones in the garden. The painted lady (Cynthia cardui) likes heathland and open meadows so I expect she is loving the heather now. A migrant (too cold here to stay over winter) the painted ladies are strong flyers capable of long distances and when summer comes to an end they will journey as far as tropical Africa.

A Pretty Lady

32 thoughts on “A Pretty Lady

  1. A pretty lady indeed 😀 I finally found red admirals today!!! I’m sure they’re late. It’s been a good year for meadowland species. I’ve sighted loads of meadow browns, gatekeepers, ringlets and skippers! It’s going to be interesting to see what the Big Butterfly Count results have to say.

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