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August’s theme is Open Gardens, or a Flower Show

(This can be a local flower show in your village or town, a national show like Chelsea, Hampton Court etc. or maybe even a small garden open for charity or to the public several times a year)

One of the best ways to discover gardens open for charity is through the NGS (National Gardens Schemes) and their annual Yellow Book, the so-called ‘bible’ of garden visiting and the key to secret gardens of England and Wales. I always try to pick up a leaflet of local gardens when visiting a new area of the country, just in case there is one open close by.

Some of the gardens are open to the public at other times, which is lucky if the weather is against you on the charity open day. I haven’t managed to visit many this year here, mainly because whenever the weather has been good enough I have been working in my garden instead. Next year though…

Potager Garden, Constantine


The Potager Garden  has been created out of an old abandoned nursery that was riddled with brambles. It has been transformed into a tranquil space complete with mature trees and herbaceous planting, an organic vegetable patch, hammocks and deck-chairs to relax in and a vegetarian café with luscious cakes.

What I found striking about this garden in July was the colourful borders. Hot orange, yellows, reds.

and I seriously coveted this chair


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Published by Heyjude

I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

34 thoughts on “garden photography: organic garden

  1. Lilies and crocosmia! 🙂 Ours is awash with both right now. The bronze had opened up to greet me but I haven’t been out for a proper look yet. Forecast heatwave not reaching this far north but I have way too much to do anyway. Sunday hugs, Jude! 🙂

    1. The crocosmia grows all around us in the hedgerows, so I guess yet another ‘weed’ in the garden. I love the colour, but the leaves can get a bit shabby. My daylily hasn’t flowered at all this year 😦

      1. Maybe just a bad year? I’m having a bad night! Rafa was torture and I’m nowhere near finishing my walk. Maybe I’ll make it a Tuesday one this week 🙂

        1. Yes, Rafa wasn’t at his best today. But he did get Gold in the doubles so that is good. And if it was Murray vs Rafa we’d be against one another now! Tuesday walk sounds fine, or skip it until next week, you have been away after all.

        2. I have at least 7 walks to fit in before I’m back in the Algarve- more walks than weeks, so I can’t miss one 🙂 I was proud of Raf yesterday. It was so close and I thought he might have a dip today.

        3. The match could easily have gone either way yesterday, it was a good match. Tonight has been draining – again – watching Murray is so tense! Now waiting to see him get his medal before we go to bed 🙂

  2. Lovely Jude – sadly all i have on offer is regular gardens – cannot remember the last flower show I went to .- it’s not such a big thing on the continent. So I’ll wait for next month!

  3. Although this is after the fact, I wanted to contribute an Open Garden Day from “across the pond”. I opened my garden for for the benefit of our local botanical garden, with over 500 visitors on the day of the tour. I’ve done this in the past, it is always rewarding to share a personal garden with others and great fun to speak with visitors. Here is the post: I hope you enjoy the “virtual tour”.

    1. Thank you! it doesn’t matter when the visit to the garden was or in your case, when you opened your garden to the public. It must give you an amazing sense of achievement to do that – I will certainly come and have a look around your garden.

    1. I admire the work they put in and I love to visit ones in the same area to get ideas of what actually does grow! I was surprised to see a bottlebrush in Ludlow, I would have thought it too cold up there; now down here I plan to have a bit of Australasia in my garden.

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