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The latest clematis to flower in the garden is this lovely violet-blue with magenta stripes. No name.



22 thoughts on “Macro Monday #32

    1. Having looked up pellucid, it probably is. That other word 😀
      I’m constantly surprised at how different flower petals look close up, so many have this sparkly glow.


  1. Gorgeous! I love clematis 🙂 Funnily enough I like the header shot best. The colouration there is tremendous. I didn’t realise this was a challenge, Jude. Did you start this inadvertently? I came here from Tish’s link and I just spotted Ad’s too! Last night with company- cooking or taking them out somewhere/ Too expensive, I imagine. 🙂 Collapse tomorrow. Hopefully your weather’s suited them.

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    1. Not a challenge Jo, you are right, but I don’t mind in the least if folk join in and link to me. It’s very nice and I do love to see other macros. Bit late in answering this as I have just fished you out of the Spam folder, but yes family returned last Tuesday – this week has flown by and I still haven’t been anywhere this month! We went out for the last supper as I cooked all the rest of the week. Nice pub meal and they paid so that was a pleasant surprise. Middle son popped down too for the day so good to see him too. The weather was perfect for them, they spent most days on a beach!

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      1. The native clematis is very small, I have one of those growing at the rear of my garden, probably less than an inch, but lots of yellowish-white flowers at the moment.


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