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I was out in the lane near to my new house photographing wild flowers in the hedgerow when I spotted a strange insect on the bindweed. This metallic green one flew in as I was about to take an image of the one feeding on the pollen. But once he had left I went back to the original reddish-green one.


The Flower Beetle (Oedemera nobilis) is also known as the thick-legged beetle although it is only males who have this trait. The thick-legged beetle is often known by other names including the swollen-thighed beetle and the false oil beetle and commonly found in the south of England. They prefer open structured flowers such as daisies, roses and cornflowers and obviously, bindweed.


33 thoughts on “Macro Monday #34

    1. Can’t do anything about the car until tomorrow, being Bank Holiday today – no point phoning RAC on a BH – tried that before and it was impossible to get through. I’ll ring the VW garage tomorrow and book her in for a new bonnet latch. Hopefully they can do it this week. Then drive v e r y s l o w l y to get there.

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    2. Close. Convolvulus. Hedge bindweed which chokes everything! And is virtually impossible to get rid of 😦 Columbine is the pretty ‘Granny’s Bonnet’ or Aquilegia.

      Car booked in this afternoon [sigh of relief…]


      1. Mechanics removed it and cleaned and greased all parts including those underneath which I couldn’t get at. All good now, but I haven’t tested it. I am going to leave it well alone until after the trip! Unless I have to refill the windscreen wash 😦


      2. So am I – I didn’t sleep well last night and today driving with the ‘hood’ light on was scary. Good job it wasn’t raining because apparently the windscreen wipers don’t work if the ‘hood’ is open. (Obviously German cars use US English). You learn something new every day!


  1. Very interesting little creatures! I just love the names they go by…I wonder if an insect is as insulted by the description “thick legged” as I would be! 🙂 As insects go, they’re actually quite pretty. 🙂

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