Friday Fountain Challenge: October

One of my favourite fountains is in the Jardin Anglais in Geneva, Switzerland. This large bronze fountain with its superposed basins borne by naiads was the work of the Parisian sculptor Alexis André in 1862.

3 English Garden Geneva (1)

THE NAIADES were fresh-water Nymphs who inhabited the rivers, streams, lakes, marshes, fountains and springs of the earth. They were immortal, minor divinities who were invited to attend the assemblies of the gods on Mount Olympos.

Don’t you just love the rounded bellies and dimpled knees?

3 July English Garden Geneva (2)

and the wonderful folds of the drapes; the texture of the rope.

If you’d like to join in with the fountain challenge then please pop over to Polianthus for the rules

This month she is looking for stately or ornate fountains. I’m sure she would love to see you.

14 thoughts on “Friday Fountain Challenge: October

  1. Hiya Jude – love it, especially as I spent half my post writing about the lack, I suppose i should say, relative lack, of stately fountains in Switzerland :)! Very attractive fountain indeed.

  2. The detail on this fountain is amazing. Such craftsmanship!!

    I couldn’t help but notice the dimpled knees … they look just like mine. Maybe I’m a Naiade reincarnated in mortal form!! 😉

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