It’s time for another year of Festival of Leaves. This is the place to share your love for autumn and rain, for dark evenings and cups of tea, of books and all that you love during this time of the year.

~ Verena Cave

My granddaughter, Isla (21 months), enjoying the autumn leaves

This is the last week of the autumn challenge so if you have some autumn leaves to share, then please visit Verena’s site and join in. She’ll be very happy to see you.

(Macro Monday will be taking a break for a couple of months )


30 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves: fun

  1. She’s adorable, thanks for posting her photo. I’ve always liked the name Isla, it one that works for tiny girls and grown up girls as well. Perhaps she can persuade her granny to pose with her next time!


  2. Such a sweetie! I love this picture so much, Jude!
    Thank you for taking part again this year, I adore your photography and am so happy that you joined the challenge. Have a wonderful Christmas time and hope to see you again next year! xxx

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    1. Thanks for hosting it Verena, it is always fun to join in and in fact we still have plenty of leaves down here in Cornwall, hanging on!! You have a good time too !


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