My Gardening Year in Cornwall

I have been showcasing my new garden on my Cornwall blog this year, but for you lovely people who follow me on this garden blog here is a review of some of the delights that I found growing in my garden this year.


So thank you once again for all your visits and likes and comments and I wish everyone a happy, healthy and horticultural new year xx


37 thoughts on “My Gardening Year in Cornwall

      1. Not much fun digging yourself out of snow drifts! But I must admit the seasons do seem to blending into one! I wouldn’t mind a bit more heat for longer in the summer months, but not the humidity!

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  1. I’m so glad that you have a garden to your liking now, Jude. The outcome is amazing and so very beautiful.
    Wishing you lots of happy moments and much joy in your garden to come.

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      1. Making plans and seeing your visions come alive is a most joyful occupation, I find. And it brings summer closer to you: planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. šŸ™‚
        Have a wonderful day, Jude.

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      2. I’m in Cley. We drove around in the rain-sunshine today, exploring remote places. Such gems! England is so so outstandingly beautiful. ā¤
        I plan to go to Norway to visit my mother later this month. Time is precious at this age…


  2. I spy … daisy … cow parsley …forget me nots .. irises …?agapanthus … maybe
    Lovely garden gallery Jude , a nice showcase from your first year . Plans ?? great at this time of year thinking about the next season and how to bring it into the garden or enhance what’s there already .
    Wishing you happy times ahead with it all Jude , and when you’ve the aching back from gardening … well you can take a therapeutic stroll along those Cornish beaches … *sigh … šŸ™‚

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