18 thoughts on “When is a rose not a rose?

      • Yes, I think so. There are some beauties. I’ve noticed that otherwise you’re keeping it short and sweet. (and keeping me hopping about the place 😦 )

        • Nothing much to write about here, and now that the garden challenge is done I shall revert back to posting mainly photos on this blog. The travel blog is my main one for now until I finish the trips from last year!

  1. I love hellebores, even the wild ones. I tried growing a black one many years ago, but it wasn’t happy so I gave it to a friend. She has woods at the bottom of her garden so it’s still thriving.

    • Mine seems to flower in January or even March! Guess it depends on how cold it has been. I hope you are not melting away in Oz – it seems to get hotter over there every year.

      • So the truth emerges, Hellebores have a mind of their own and are becoming ‘spring roses’ – it is happening here too. As for melting, we are made of stern British stock, but grateful for aircon! The lawns are becoming brown, and the hydrangeas demanding lots of water. Thank you for your concern, Jude.

  2. My Mum introduced me to hellebores . . . .wonderful flowers. Missing mine this year being here in Portugal. I love the way they hide their beauty by looking down.

    • It is NOT a rose, just called that I suppose because it does rather look like a shrub rose. And this one usually flowers at Christmas time. I have several lovelies flowering at the moment – all pristine white flowers. But you can get a huge variety of hellebores from palest pink to darkest purple. Perversely I also have a white rose in flower!

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