Germander speedwell

Speedwells (Veronica spp.) are pretty, blue-flowered perennials that look attractive in a flower-rich lawn. However, their ability to root quickly, even from small sections, means they can quickly get out of hand in both lawns and borders. Germander speedwell (Veronica chamaedrys) is a stronger growing, coarser species than V. filiformis, flowering March to August. It is native in grassland, open woodland and hedgerows throughout the British Isles. It is usually troublesome in less frequently mown grass but can adapt to, and survive under, close mowing.


The flower is probably smaller than the nail on my little finger. But the macro lens makes it look a lot bigger. I spotted this in my garden on Sunday afternoon.

17 thoughts on “Germander speedwell

    • Time off for good beahviour! Hoping to get into Penzance today and take some paintings in for framing. Sun is shining and all’s well 🙂

    • It’s probably there somewhere! My lawn is the same, but I am contemplating getting rid of it and replacing it with gravel – but then I am forever pulling out weeds from the gravel already down, which is a pain in all sorts of places…

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