Tulips – north-facing

These pots of white/pink striped tulips with the green/purple ones and lipstick red are located at the front of my house which is in a north-facing courtyard where the sun never actually reaches the steps on which the pots stand. It can get a bit blustery in the courtyard, but so far these lovely flowers have withstood the weather and the pink ones have been flowering for a couple of weeks now. I see now that the pink and purple work well together, but perhaps the red ones should move to the back garden. I’ll work on the colour palette for next year!


33 thoughts on “Tulipmania #1

    1. I could move the red as they are in a pot on their own and I have discovered another pot at the back with more pink ones in, I think I may have muddled them up after planting πŸ˜€

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  1. The red ones also look very nice with the pink. I think it’s the purple and red combined that’s not singing well together. Having said that, IT’S COLOUR!!! Something I’m craving a bit of right now!!


  2. Aw, these are lovely πŸ™‚ We had some in a pot but they got really dried out while we were away and they haven’t really recovered well. Lots of rhodies though. πŸ™‚ Not really a fuschia person but I bought a white one called Happy Wedding Day in Durham today. It was an irresistible combination.


    1. I am having to water my pots! Never had to do that before. I expect the wind dries them out. And funny you should mention fuchsias, we went to a nearby garden yesterday and they have a fuschia area with several different species and I wondered about simply creating my own fuschia garden – would make life a lot easier. I’m a bot worried about leaving the tomato plants I bought as tiny plugs a couple of weeks ago – they are quite big already and need constant watering! Any ideas?


      1. Mick waters ours every day once it starts to warm up a bit and even at this time of year is doing the window boxes daily. You can get a sprinkler system that’s on a timer? We’ve used it in the past if we were away in Summer. Don’t know if it would work for the toms. I think there’s a system you can rig up in the sink too? Or rely on a kind neighbour? Presume that poses problems with alarms and such. Last resort, take them on their jollies with you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    1. But what a pleasure awaits you! I guess you are back from Africa now? Must be a shock to arrive home to the cold. And I can’t wait to see the penguins (and the beach huts – I do hope you got to see the beach huts in Muizenberg).

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      1. Oh Jude I was so disappointed as we did not get to see the huts! They would have been in the area of our cycling tour but I didn’t realize it until we were transferred past. It will be a disappointment in an almost perfect trip.
        The penguins were amazing as was so much in Africa. So much to share in the weeks and months ahead.

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