Tulipmania #2

My favourite combination is this collection at the back of the garden, some are in pots and others were randomly planted in the raised bed where the forget-me-nots do their thing, rampantly marching through the garden and self-seeding everywhere. I pulled out loads of seedlings in the autumn, but they still manage to dominate the garden at this time of year. I do love their pretty blue faces though and they contrast nicely with the tall ‘Orange Emperor’, the coppery orange Β ‘Whittallii’ and the rich red, lily-flower ‘Sarah Raven’ tulips. Top right is called ‘National Velvet’ a glossy, red flower and one which appeared yesterday.

Oh, and the little yellow one that sneaked into this collage is a species variety, called ‘Tardis’, a prostrate plant with multiple flowers consisting of yellow petals with white tips. It supposedly naturalises and self-seeds. Planted under the corkscrew hazel (that curly tree that always seems to pop up in my sunsets) I am hoping it goes mad!

24 thoughts on “Tulipmania #2

  1. I’m loving that deep purply bud that curled up … an unusual look for a tulip. I love forget-me-nots and I’m imagining your garden awash in their pretty little faces.

    • And I have one the colour of a sunset – marigold orange and violet-red streaks. And another one with brandy- snap brown and pink which is slightly scented. I have the photos, it’s just getting them posted that is the problem.

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