This collection is from Sarah Raven and called the Scented Copper Tulip Collection  – includes tulips ‘Ballerina’ (very highly scented), ‘Bruine Wimpel’ (lightly scented), ‘Sarah Raven’ (unscented) and Tulip whittallii (highly scented).

I’m not sure about the scent, I shall have to get a bit closer to them, but the colours are fabulous and in the sunshine they glow like stained-glass lanterns and I particularly love the shape of the lily-flowered goblets in deep damson.


20 thoughts on “Tulipmania #3

    1. Easy when it comes from the website! And I have had a sniff. The Ballerina ones smell like tangerines, the Bruine Wimpel has a fragrance, but I can’t identify it.


      1. I love orange blossom . . . so will certainly look out Ballerina this Autumn 🙂 that way if I happen not to be ‘gallivanting’ out here next spring I will still be able to enjoy the smell of orange blossom back home

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    1. You haven’t? Not a fan? Not many are scented and it is very subtle, the Ballerina is very like orange blossom. I may get some citrus trees for the conservatory eventually. Buying plants is not cheap!!


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