Plant Focus

One of the last tulips to show is this lovely slightly scented ‘Bruine Wimpel’ or ‘Malaika’ described as brandy-snap or caramel brown and lilac-pink. Not a brown tulip as such, but like a delicate tea stained silk, the colours are unusual and quite beautiful. And long-lasting too.

I’m  not sure if mine were true to form as they appeared much more orange than I thought they would be, although in the sunlight it is hard to capture their true colours.  Next to my other orange tulips though they definitely had a brownish hue.

23 thoughts on “Plant Focus

  1. Lovely blooms, Jude. Also Malaika = Swahili for ‘angel’, and the name of a ‘get under your skin become an ear worm’ hit in Kenya/East Africa.

    • Most are finished now, the wind over the last couple of days hasn’t helped, though the nearly black ones in the front are still going!

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