23 thoughts on “Macro Monday #41

    • I know there are stigmas and stamens and ovaries, but that’s about all. I think the silver parts here are the stigmas and the yellow parts the stamen (where the pollen is produced). Botany was the only part of science that I liked at school!

  1. Awesome, Jude. I had to rush out and look at ours with a microscope! (less, they still have a few flowers 9 days short of the winter solstice)

  2. This is beyond beautiful, Jude❣️A true delight to watch. In fact very fairylike, as Siri and Selma pointed out. πŸ’•πŸ’•

  3. Jude it’s like tiny treasures in the very middle. Perhaps wee elves come to look for them like a pot of gold.
    Hope you are feeling better these days.

    • Thank you Sue. Headaches all gone so I can use the computer again, almost back to normal though the cough comes and goes still. Energy (what bit there is) rising again too so I may even get the garden finished soon! I think the fairies would love this flower πŸ˜€

    • Thanks Gilly. You need a calm day to use this lens and it has been nothing like that here! This was taken at Coleton Fishacre, I put the lens on and went around the garden again specifically to take some macro shots.

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