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WPC: Focus


16 thoughts on “Macro Monday #42

    1. They have some lovely succulents here. I think my soil is too rich for them, but I do intend to try some in containers eventually. Right now I am melting…!


    1. Not quite as close I could get with the macro lens, but it is too steep here to be changing lenses! I like the colour of the tips of the leaves(?) and the matching pinkish-red background.

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      1. I’m sure they are. Just having a senior moment – this heat is affecting my brain! We have every door and window open in the house and it is still only just bearable. How are you coping?

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      2. I am finding it very challenging, Jude! I can’t function much in this heat and am doing very little…have cancelled two trips to see friends, and had to use a taxi to get to the GP surgery, then the pharmacy, then back home….argh! All adds up….


      3. Sorry to hear that, I figured the heat would bother you some. I am happy enough at around 20C. We were going to visit a garden but decided it is too hot out there, even going to the beach where it is possibly cooler doesn’t appeal. Once you are out of any shade the sun is ferocious. Keep drinking the water!!

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    1. I fancy some, but my soil is quite loamy so I think it will be too wet in the winter months. Might try some in large containers next year though. Once I have sorted the main part of the garden out.


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