It is almost 9 months since my visit to Edinburgh, where I finally met the restless lady who takes us on regular walks in the north-east of England and the Algarve where she spends all most some of her time. After a morning of walking the streets of the city we got on a bus and headed out to the Botanical Gardens for an hour or two.

The entrance gate is quite stunning.

Being the end of the summer season the main interest in the garden was seed heads. I found a few interesting ones.

Crab Apple – Malus sylvestris

Insects were still busy collecting the pollen.

We walked and we talked and we finally found our way to the Japanese garden area where the large lily pond enthralled us both and the red bridge enticed us further into the garden.

The not so subtle smell of candyfloss was in the air (Cercidiphyllum japonicum, known as the Katsura Tree) and the leaves on the acers were turning.

Eventually we arrived at the huge glasshouses, but decided against paying to enter as it was such a glorious day after the cold, damp, dreich day before and we wanted to make the most of being outdoors. Besides we really didn’t have the time needed to really take in what was inside.

The borders near the glasshouses were filled with late summer planting and a variety of colourful penstemons lined the pathway to the entrance, but deep in conversation we really only fleetingly took in the beauty of this garden.

Pausing to admire the view over towards Calton Hill and Arthur’s Seat in the distance. Places that in order to explore would mean another meeting as our time together drew to a close.

Calton Hill and Arthur’s Seat

It was lovely to finally meet up with Jo and to share a walk with her, so it is only fitting that this post is linked to her walks πŸ™‚



39 thoughts on “Garden Portrait: Edinburgh Botanic Garden

    1. I wonder what her photos of the garden are like. We sort of drifted around the garden, a bit like you and I in Eurobodalla. All progressing well. Are you on WhatsApp Meg?


    2. WhatsApp is just a messaging app on your phone which allows you to message people using wifi rather than the phone line (useful for me as my phone signal at home is crap). You can also send pictures and make voice calls too. All for free. If I send photos by text messaging they cost me extra.


  1. So many superb closeups, Jude! How can you imagine that I would dare trot out mine after this? πŸ™‚ Thank you kindly for the mention and for your stalwart support in this enterprise. You know I have my prayer mat out for a happy outcome.

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  2. I was wondering what the first seed head were, so cardiocrinum are lovely in both phases aren’t they? i like your crab apple photo best of all, it’s so soft and mellow. The toffee apple trees were falling early to be that fragrant in September, one of the joys of autumn for me πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes I too love that candyfloss / burnt toffee smell. I guess in Scotland the trees turn earlier than in the south of England. I remember noticing that the flowers etc in the south-east were always about 3 weeks ahead of us in Yorkshire.


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