Square in September

Becky from “A life of a 40 something” is posting a flower a day throughout September, in the square format. She’d love you to join her.
day 24

Crocosmia ‘Emily McKenzie’

Crocosmia grow like weeds in the hedgerows down here in Cornwall, but their leaves become very tatty. I have a couple of more elegant varieties in my garden including the red ‘Lucifer’ and another tall orange one (no name), and this one is very desirable. [Seen at Beth Chatto nursery]


28 thoughts on “Square in September

  1. I love the vibrant colours of this flower. Once I would never have chosen anything orange, but I’ve developed a love for it recently. I even bought yarn for a new crochet project and included two shades of orange. And I want to put more orange flowering plants in my garden this summer.

    • I like orange, perhaps not next to purple, but I’m reluctant to move it now. Yellow is a difficult colour I find, in the garden and to wear. Doesn’t suit me at all.

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