Square in September

Becky from “A life of a 40 something” is posting a flower a day throughout September, in the square format. She’d love you to join her.
day 27

Nerine bowdenii / Guernsey Lily

The genus Nerine, named after the sea nymphs of Greek mythology, belongs to the Amaryllidaceae (amaryllis) family of herbaceous perennials, as do daffodils and snowdrops, although the flowers look more like lilies. Their native home is South Africa, especially the Drakensberg mountains. There are about 30 species, but only a couple are reliably hardy outdoors in the Britain — N. bowdenii and N. undulata.

They make a welcome splash of colour (white, red and pinks) to the autumn border, flowering from September to November. I just love these sparkling pink and white ones.

9 thoughts on “Square in September

  1. I always spell this wrong! 😦 😦 I just posted some deep pink ones on Instagram. They’re from Logan Botanical and every year when they flower remind me of that long ago holiday. Yesterday I was sitting under the pergola admiring them for half hour, before the mist came in. Liife with the Bradleys- exciting, I tell you 🙂 🙂

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