Autumn blues: take a closer look

Common earwig (Forficula auricularia) peeking out from under the Echinops

The name earwig is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word meaning “ear creature,” probably because of a widespread ancient superstition that earwigs crawl into the ears of sleeping people. The earwig has a pair of horny forceps-like tail filaments, or pincers, at the posterior end of the abdomen, with those of the male being larger and of a different shape than those of the female. I think this one is a male. I associate them with Dahlias (from my childhood) but I can also tell you they are very fond of the herb basil.

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14 thoughts on “Autumn blues: take a closer look

  1. I found an earwig in my ear once. I was seven, and had been walking near some climbing roses. And it truly gave the heebie jeebies about these wee beesties ever since. A fine shot of the echinops though, Jude.

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