Alternative Advent #1

In the period leading to Christmas some people buy an Advent Calendar to check off each day before December 25. Usually intended for children, it appears that in recent years there has been a rise in the popularity of luxury ones aimed at indulgent adults who feel the necessity to treat themselves on the run-up to the big day itself – from expensive candles and perfume to miniature bottles of Prosecco or Whisky and even chunks of cheese.

So I thought to balance all this extravaganza I would offer you an alternative in the form of a flower a day from Sunday 3rd December until Sunday 24th December.

All images taken on a mid-November day along the George V Memorial Walk alongside Copperhouse Pool in Hayle using my Olympus OM-D E-M10 and 40-150mm lens


48 thoughts on “Alternative Advent #1

    • Well my count down to Christmas is merely to get through the season with some degree of sanity. I thought looking at a flower each day may help relieve the stress. Are you off to visit family, or are they coming to you? We’re having a very quiet one 🙂

      • Christmas is quiet for us. We visit Jason, Vanessa and family (5 grandkids) for lunch on 25th, cold meats prawns and salad, none of us are into consumerism, so very low key presents. Suits me, I’m always glad when the “silly season” is over…

        • Me too. I envy you having Christmas in the sun, I have suggested to my family that we meet in the summer for a BBQ instead – when the days are longer and sunnier and driving is not as stressful.

        • That sounds a good idea. We have a second Christmas in July, another excuse to get us spending!!! But the idea is it is cooler and, presumably more Christmas like weather wise. I Don’t do that either….

        • 🙂 Life is driven by consumerism. It’s almost reached the point where if you are not spending money / buying things then you can’t possibly be happy! I was brought up only to buy what you need and what you can afford.

  1. Oh what a lovely idea ☺

    I do do an advent box for my youngest godsons and their siblings. But it’s something small every Advent Sunday and I don’t do Christmas prezzies.

  2. What a wonderful idea Jude! We have an Advent tree (which we haven’t taken out yet) and a lovely wooden Advent calendar with small figures from the Christmas story but I love the idea of a flower a day leading up to Christmas. I have been a bit absent due to several family members visiting and now I am worn out and under the weather – such is the start of my Advent. I am so happy I decided to take a peak at my WordPress reader to find your posts. 🙂

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