Alternative Advent #21

In the period leading to Christmas some people buy an Advent Calendar to check off each day before December 25. Usually intended for children, it appears that in recent years there has been a rise in the popularity of luxury ones aimed at indulgent adults who feel the necessity to treat themselves on the run-up to the big day itself – from expensive candles and perfume to miniature bottles of Prosecco or Whisky and even chunks of cheese.

So I thought to balance all this extravaganza I would offer you an alternative in the form of a flower a day from Sunday 3rd December until Sunday 24th December.

All images taken on a mid-November day along the George V Memorial Walk alongside Copperhouse Pool in Hayle using my Olympus OM-D E-M10 and 40-150mm lens

12 thoughts on “Alternative Advent #21

  1. oh look at all this sunshine, beautiful. Could do with this here today – our 4th completely grey sky in Hampshire – might be longer 😦

    • Grey here I’m afraid. Very foggy earlier but I can just about see the hill now. Was thinking about going to get some tonic, but decided we can make do until after Christmas. After all there are at least two bottles of prosecco plus a bottle of champagne to drink!

    • I’m letting it all pass over me this year. We are on our own so it will be very quiet, might even go for a beach walk on Christmas Day if the weather isn’t too horrid, most people will be busy indoors then. I shall wish you a positive 2018 Sue and if I do manage to get over to Surrey I’ll definitely try and meet up with you. Keep those photos coming 🙂

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