Macro Monday #66

Ring out the bells for Christmas

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Pretty Bells – Fragrant creamy-white Yucca flowers edged in pink and glistening with raindrops.

I wish all my blogger friends a happy Christmas in whatever way you choose to celebrate the festive season and a wonderful year ahead making and sharing many happy memories.

14 thoughts on “Macro Monday #66

  1. Here’s a flower I recognize, and a lovely presentation of them. A happy Christmas to you and yours, and thanks for your Advent Series. Now, I’m looking forward to following along through the New Year and seeing what other treats you offer us.

    • You too PP. We have no plans for next year at all (most unlike me) other than my desire to visit the Great Gardens of Cornwall. Have you got anything planned?

      • I have a few things simmering in the back of my mind and on the “want to visit” list, but nothing planned…. looking forward to following you around those gardens. 🌺🌸🍀

  2. Stunning, just stunning. I don’t have a yucca these days and every time I see an amazing one like this me thinks maybe I should plant one.

    Wishing you a very happy and relaxing Boxing Day xx

    • Have you got a large garden Becky? I know you like gardening, just can’t think whether you have ever written about your patch. Proper raining today – so I am going nowhere!!

      • A big garden but currently a wilderness hence the lack of mentions or photos!! I am not getting out there apart from the pots on the terrace and the greenhouse 😦

        ooh you can keep the rain – we had sunshine this morning.

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