21 thoughts on “Tree Series #19

  1. This is a lovely shot, Jude.
    There were some very tall trees, not dissimilar to those in your shot, visible from my parents bedroom window at our old house in Chester.
    As a kid I would sometime stare at them for several minutes as they swayed in the wind and wonder about all sorts of things and what the future held.
    I must be honest, Johannesburg never featured in my daydreams! 🙂

    • And how is Johannesburg these days Ark? I keep hearing some distressing tales about farms being forcibly taken over as what happened in Zim.

      • For me everything is fine. I never listen to the news, or read a paper or any news stuff or SA Politics online anymore.
        Seriously, I stopped paying attention to it a few years back.
        You are probably more aware of what goes on in the news front than I am.

        • To be honest nothing much from that region is on the news here, other than when something major happens, like ousting Mugabe or getting a new ANC leader. Most of what I hear comes from friends of the family.

        • I heard of the ousting of Mugabe from our gardener, believe it or not. He is Zimbabwean.
          I was just a bit disappointed that Morgan Tsvangei didn’t get the nod.

        • Seems like they have gone from one dictator to another, but hopefully the people have the momentum to vote for whoever they really want in the next election.

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