25 thoughts on “Tree Series #21

        • Oh, good. Soon be back in SA? It’s not looking good in Cape Town re: water supplies. Hard to believe that part of the country has had a drought for several years. I remember the winter as being very wet!

        • I experienced drought in Johannesburg, but nothing like what they are going through. I take it KZN is OK for water then? Several of my daughter’s friends who returned to SA after living in London for many years (and many are from the Durban area) are coming back to the UK because of the increasing crime rate. Especially those with young families. So sad, as it is such a beautiful country.

        • Yes, it’s awfully sad. We experienced a lot of crime, as did many of our friends. So much security is needed especially in Johannesburg. Our daughter lives there in a ‘secure’ complex, but is always nervous about stopping at traffic lights, especially at night. Our granddaughter and her boyfriend were attacked and robbed whilst having a picnic in a park there. Both our older grandchildren are now at UK universities and probably won’t ever settle back in SA.

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