Tree Series #24

Butser Hill, a chalk hill in Hampshire, close to the Surrey/West Sussex county borders, is the second highest point of the South Downs (Blackdown is the highest). It is located within the borders of the Queen Elizabeth Country Park, situated about three miles south of the historic market town of Petersfield. Once close to where we lived it provided the location for a lovely walk with amazing views as far as the south coast towards Portsmouth on a clear day.

The name Butser comes from the Old English Bryttes Oran meaning Briht’s slope. Oran or Ora is Old English for flat topped hill and/or steep slope


19 thoughts on “Tree Series #24

  1. This one is perfect Jude. I’ve been around that area, taking the slow road from my daughter’s to Kent. I must see if they’ve been, the small’s would love it.

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