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This double white camellia has been with me since Ludlow. When we moved two years ago it was covered in flowers, but last year only had two. During last summer I watered and fed it and gave it a mulch of fresh Ericaceous compost and in the autumn buds began to form. After two ‘fallings over’ (it is in a container) due to storms and high winds at the beginning of the year, I brought it into the cold conservatory where it has remained. By avoiding the snow and the frost the blooms this year have been glorious. Perfectly white and perfectly formed waxy petals. I just wish camellias came with fragrance as every time I pass by I want to sniff it.

Macro Monday #72

30 thoughts on “Macro Monday #72

    • Been a bit nippy in ours too! But this has been flowering since February! Yesterday it was back to being too hot!
      Do your camellias cope with the heat in your conservatory then? Or is yours better ventilated than mine?

      • Too hot? I don’t think I can remember that! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ When it’s warm we leave the door or the little windows open. I dimly remember that πŸ™‚

        • Still cold up your way then? I have washing on the line today and repotted some pelargoniums. And weeded. Why do weeds have no problem in staying alive?

        • It’s so variable! Thick fog this morning, then a bit of warm sunshine, and 2 hours later back to chilly and foggy. Everything, in fact, but April showers! Musn’t tempt fate- Mick has a job tomorrow morning πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        • He’s at the kitchen table designing as we speak. πŸ™‚ Sorry to disappoint! He has a nice mate, Kevin, who does most of the donkey work and I’m sure he’d love a week in Cornwall but he’s fully booked for the foreseeable 😦

  1. Beautiful photo Jude. I’m starting to see neighbours’ camellias beginning to bud, with a few flowering already. Yours is a beauty.

    • Not so perfect now as I put it outside last week and the flowers are going brown. Too hot in the conservatory over the weekend though. It’s either one thing or another in there!

    • No Idea! I have only had this a few years and it was very small to begin with. Last year was the first where I have consciously fed and watered it throughout the summer months which apparently helps the buds to form.

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