Muscari armeniacum ( Hyacinthaceae )

Silver Grape Hyacinth ‘Valerie Finnis’. These lovely Grape Hyacinths produce delicate flowers heads of an unusual sky blue colour with a silvery sheen. Bees are attracted to them and hopefully they will spread over the years. Currently grown in a pot, but once they are over I will transplant them into the border.

Plant Portrait

19 thoughts on “Plant Portrait

  1. These are the ones I saw in Aldi! 🙂 🙂 All gone now, and Mick wouldn’t let me buy them anyway 😦 We do, however, have some very pretty pansies, welcoming people from the windowbox. In the rain… Again! 🙂

  2. I love the pale grape hyacinths. Which makes me wonder why I haven’t got any in the garden. The darker blue ones I have pop up in the most unpromising places which is very accommodating of them.

  3. I agree I think the 2 shades of blue will look stunning together. I’ve only been away 4-5 days but I’m struggling to catch up with every one…

  4. Beautiful . . . . I am hoping next week to get out in our wilderness and bring a bit of order as well as colour to it all.

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