Muscari (Grape Hyacinths)

Muscari armeniacum is a lovely deep blue grape hyacinth – the classic. Together with Silver Grape Hyacinth ‘Valerie Finnis’.  A lovely silvery-blue which contrasts nicely. Bees love them both.


Plant Portrait

25 thoughts on “Plant Portrait

  1. Jude is this a current photo? So beautiful and it may be our melting snowbanks and brown grass below that make it extra appealing. Hope you are doing well.

    • Taken a couple of days ago Sue. I featured the two plants separately this month, but now they are both flowering at the same time. I hope your snow disappears fast now.

    • Problems with the shoulder(s) now so I am having to limit the amount of heavy work I do. Removing at least 6 weeds a day from the car park is my current task. A good sea fret along our coast the last couple of days so not the heat wave people have experienced elsewhere in the country.

      • You have my sympathy. Mick is awaiting injections for a frozen shoulder. Not too bad in the daytime but nights can be misery. He’s up just after 6 because he can’t sleep, and that’s unheard of. 😦 Fickle weather, isn’t it? Back to 12C next week I think 🙂

        • Nights can be hell. I cannot get comfortable and then I move and the pain wakes me up. A good osteopath sorted me out last time. 😦

        • My tulips are snapping in the wind this year, so depressing to see, so next year I think I shall concentrate on the shorter bulbs like these and narcissus and iris reticulata. You can get so many different ones and they are cheaper than tulips.

    • Thanks Gilly. They are much better in this warmer weather and I am keeping off the computer and any heavy lifting/digging. A heat pack helps before I go to bed. But I shall make an appointment with a local chiropractor and see what’s going on.

  2. I really like the photo of the two blue muscari colours together and I’d like to know if you’d permit me to use the photo in a special post I plan to do on ‘Pink and Blue’. If so please let me know what I should write for your name, and I’d also link back to your blog-post and blog-home. Please let me know if this is ok with you.Thanks, Liz

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