Myosotis sylvatica (Wood Forget-me-not)

This pretty spring-flowering plant scatters its seeds all over the sunny side of my garden. Despite pulling up dozens of plants each autumn come the spring and it is everywhere. I love the azure blue flowers with the white or yellow centres and the pinkish buds of the clusters of five-petalled flowers. The Wood Forget-me-not is also an excellent source of nectar and pollen for all kinds of insects including bumblebees and butterflies.

Plant Portrait

26 thoughts on “Plant Portrait

    • Put it this way, it self-seeds everywhere so from that point it is invasive. I love the colour though and the way it just carpets the raised beds, even though I really want to get them cleared and do something new! Can’t bring myself to dig them up just yet.

  1. Such a beautiful blue Jude. I love its relentless zeal to spring forth.
    Just reading Jo’s note asking about your shoulder. Are you all right? Sending healing wishes.

    • It’s a shame isn’t it. Especially when the cost money to buy in a nursery! I will have to pull some out to plant other things, but I loathe doing it.

    • Might be arthritis or possibly RSI. I got a new desk and I think maybe I am not high enough to use the keyboard properly. Bit like a frozen shoulder in that it is very painful to move it.

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