Macro Monday #78

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Tulip ‘Avignon Parrot’ in late bud form

This year I added a new French Parrot tulip with long stems and an outrageously large  flower head. In retrospect possibly too large for my windswept plot.  From green buds unfurl brilliant orange blooms. The feathered flowers have hints of pink and green brushed along the petals. The finished article combines  tomato red, a sweet pink flame and an apricot-yellow edge.

‘Avignon Parrot’ with the elegant ‘Ballerina’

There is a non-parrot type with the same colouring, but with a neat goblet-shaped head which seems eminently more acceptable.

Named in 1966 after the Southern French city of Avignon where the pope had his palace in the Middle Ages and also famous for its ruined bridge.

“Sur le Pont d’Avignon,
On y danse, On y danse.
Sur le Pont d’Avignon,
On y danse tous en rond.”

I have to say I am not overly fond of this tulip, and I never thought I would say that about a tulip!

20 thoughts on “Macro Monday #78

    • Should have captured it when open more, but by then it was supported by twigs and things. Too flamboyant for me, though I have had parrots in the past which were quite pretty. Too much breeding perhaps.

      • Have another look Anabel, I have added another photo which show it more open, and much better looking. As I mentioned to Jo, it is a difficult one to photograph in isolation.

  1. I’ve a penchant for parrot tulips – they remind me of 17th century Dutch still life paintings. Very nice collection of pots you have Jude

  2. Les beaux messieurs font comme ca, et puis encore comm ca – or something like that, thanks for the ear worm!
    It’s an odd looking one in bud isn’t it?

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