Macro Monday #80

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.  ~ Imogen Cunningham.

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Elegantly twisting

My final tulip this year (I know I have gone on a bit) is this pretty purple one performing its last dance. Tulips give so much pleasure even in their dying moments. As tulips are my favourite flowers it seems a fitting photo for the end of the WordPress Photo Challenge which I have to thank for giving me inspiration when I first set out on the blogging journey. The weekly challenges enabled me to study the images I had in my archives that could meet the brief, or to go out and take a new image, bearing in mind the requirements. I began to take more considered shots. Understand what it was I wanted from a photograph; what I wanted my image to tell others. The challenge also helped me meet other bloggers in this vast blogosphere and create some long-lasting virtual friendships. We will all miss the weekly challenge, but I am confident we will continue to inspire one another as we share our worlds.

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26 thoughts on “Macro Monday #80

    • I started with the 45mm but swapped to the zoom lens inside the biome, 42 – 150mm as I couldn’t get close enough to some of the plants.

        • Just goes to emphasise the best camera is the one you have with you…. I’m waiting in today for a courier to take mine to be repaired, shutter curtain has stuck….

        • Oh, no! Hopefully not too painful on the pocket. I might upgrade my Ollie body and give mine to the OH. We can share the lenses.

        • Yes, because it’s got a new incarnation, mind they all have…How old is your 10? My 1 is 3.5…..but my Nikon D300 I had for 5 years, I think, and it ‘never asked any questions’, as my late father would have said….only gave up using it because of the weight….

  1. A lovely elegiac post in many ways. Farewell tulip and farewell challenge. Not that the blogosphere is short of challenges, but the WordPress one spread the net wider

    • All true, though in the last year or so I have hardly ever looked at any other of the WP entries apart from people I follow. Not enough time.

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