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A common sight in the gardens or lanes at this time of year. And there is something so very delightful on seeing a bee disappear into a foxglove and hearing it buzzing around inside like a helicopter in a hangar. I try to plant bee and butterfly friendly flowers in my garden and even allow those wildflowers they can’t get enough of, like dead nettles and Meadowsweet.

Hearing them in the garden is such a pleasure: seeing them land on the delicate petals of the hardy geranium, causing it to swing and sway; flitting from one purple flower to another on the foxglove and the hedge woundwort withΒ the pannier-bags on their thighs bulging with pollen.

Bees – one of the pleasures of summer.

NB: Bees go for flowers in blue, white, purple and yellow: Berberis, bluebell, bugle, flowering currant, lungwort, pussy willow, rosemary, dead-nettle, heathers, aquilegia, campanula, comfrey, everlasting pea, geranium, foxglove, honeysuckle, monkshood, stachys, thyme, cornflower, delphinium, fuchsia, lavender, rock-rose, scabious and sea holly.


Plant Portrait

27 thoughts on “Plant Portrait

  1. Jude, I had to smile when I saw your photo as I took the same sort of photo while sitting outside watching a bee get drunk on pollen from a foxglove. Why I thought it was drunk due to it’s slow movements πŸ™‚ Love the photo and all the bees in the UK!!

  2. That is a wonderful shot, Jude! I have foxgloves just pop up in my garden, and for the first time ever I have had a white one. They surely do love the hardy geraniums, the purple ones here are coming to an end though.

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