Plant Portrait

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I often walk around my garden with my camera in one hand and secateurs in the other.  This little moth / butterfly was very busy swooping down on my hardy geraniums that I couldn’t get a clear shot. But I quite like the movement in this one and hope you do too.



25 thoughts on “Plant Portrait

  1. I absolutely love this photo Jude. Sometime I should do a post of “Magic Moments” I think, and I’d definitely include this photo if you’d permit me.

  2. It looks like a Silver Y moth of sorts, which do come out to feed during the day at times. You have another of one of my Cranes-bills there 🙂 Lovely shot!

  3. a gorgeous couplet of movement/stillness and the drooping bud adds the unifying charm of the third element

    • I did manage to get a photo of a butterfly the other day (not as good as yours) will see if it is good enough to publish 🙂

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