It rained this morning. The flowers were very grateful for the drink and even the magpies came into the garden for a wash and brush-up in the ‘bird bath’

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #2 | Cooling

34 thoughts on “Cooling

    1. We have had one or two showers, but it is forecast to be dry and hot again by the weekend. The garden (and the birds) appreciate the drink.

        1. That’s quite alright Su. I have enough rain most of the year, all year, so it is a very pleasant change to have some dry weather at last!

  1. I love this shot – the cooling and freshness for flowers and plants as well as for birds and the whole of nature. You captured it so well. I am glad you had some rain – in fact, today it is finally raining here as well. We have waited 2 1/2 month for this. I went out in the garden this morning just to stand in it, the birds fly through it and my dogs rejoice in it. We left the door open just to be able to listen to the raindrops. A wonder.

    1. It is very tempting to stand outside in it! And I love the sound of rain on my conservatory roof, although it does leak so that’s not so good…

    1. You are very welcome Meg. I am just watching a lovely end to the day through my window. I don’t often convert flowers to B&W as it is the colour which is probably the most important feature, but in this case I decided it suited the ‘cool’ theme better than the bright pink which it is.

        1. I use Silver Efex Pro 2 from the Nik Collection which is embedded into my Photoshop Elements software. It was free to download and part of a number of editing effects. I like it very much.

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