This week I am going to give you a week of bees. Or hoverflies. Though the bees have definitely outnumbered them this year. Planting bee friendly plants has drawn them into the garden, but the most bees I have seen on any one plant (Giant Scabious / Cephalaria gigantea ) was in Trelissick Gardens on Sunday. They were swarming with bees – three or four to a flower.

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Hedge Woundwort (Stachys sylvatica) and a very fuzzy bee in my garden.

Hedge Woundwort is a tall, hairy perennial that grows in hedges, woods and on waste ground, where its tall spires of crimson-purple flowers stand out among the lushness of green growth of other plants. The flowers are arranged in whorls around the central stem. They are hooded, with the lower lip beautifully variegated with white against the crimson background. Bees love this plant and are frequent visitors.  I love how he clings on to the lower lip with his two-toed feet (yes really, take a look) and then buries his proboscis into the hood.

Bee #1

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