Macro Monday #91

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Speckled Wood Butterfly on Rudbeckia

“People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us”
~ Iris Murdoch

44 thoughts on “Macro Monday #91

  1. Fabulous colours, Jude! 🙂 🙂 The garden I visited yesterday had tea towels with quotes printed on them pegged to a washing line. This one’s very appropriate. Happy Monday!

        1. Well to be fair Sue, you in the south-east have had far higher temperatures than we have and more sun! We are back to normal here – temps around 18C and lots of cloud 😦

      1. I was cheerful once I got out and about. There was an organised beach clean on the morning and I had intended to go but it was damp and we didn’t. That would have been good for my blues, and useful too. Laptop start up this morning? Grey here…. but I’m smiling. What the heck! 🙂 🙂

        1. Laptop started eventually but that means there is still a problem. I have been running diagnostics all day and thoroughly fed up now!

      1. How old? I’m stressing about my 8 year old Mac which is slowing down a lot, and even frozen on me a few times….time to shell out the dosh, I think….😳😰

        1. 5 years old last January and the hard disk is not even half full. Spent all morning running diagnostics and can’t find any hardware errors. Trouble is these days all the software is locked down – no discs provided any more. Running out of ideas now…

        2. Especially when it cost a fortune! I went for a high end one with lots of disk space etc because I was replacing a desktop machine and knew I’d be using it for photos. Sigh…

        3. Removed some software I installed a few weeks ago and ran some tools on the disk, seems to have improved matters, though I’m still not certain I have fixed whatever caused the issue.

    1. Some butterflies just seem to fall asleep on some flowers. The other day I had one practically on my hand. No camera with me though unfortunately.

    1. Spent a couple of days researching problems and solutions and I think I may have sorted it out, though the computer still runs a bit slow. I once worked in IT support, but it is so much harder now to resolve problems as you don’t get the media to install programs etc any more.

    1. Mmm… they are very similar. It could be the Wall Brown. I have slightly altered the original colour though, so it may look yellower than it is. I will have a look for the original photo and see if I can tell. Thanks for the comment.

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