Small is Beautiful…

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The spider species Araneus diadematus is commonly called the European garden spider, diadem spider, cross spider, or crowned orb weaver.

It is a dangerous time in the garden, whilst cutting down or pulling out dead and finished flowers you run the gauntlet of coming face-to-face with one of these. The thought of one of them getting into my hair gives me the heebie-jeebies. But needs must and all that. Perhaps I need to wear a hat.

Lens Artists Photo Challenge #11 | Small is Beautiful or maybe not…

24 thoughts on “Small is Beautiful…

  1. Good grief! They are harmless. And the garden would be a lot poorer for their absence.
    I think you should find a garden spider, kiss and make up, and adopt one.


    • Picking my blackberries is a nightmare. I can see the webs, I can sometimes see the spider and I am terrified I will pick one up – they DO move fast.

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