Macro Monday #100

(click to enlarge to full size)

This exotic looking Canna lily screams for attention with its rumpled vivid yellow and orange flowers amongst the spectacular green foliage with yellow-striped veins. A late summer / autumn flowering plant the Canna lily is a tender perennial which won’t survive the frosts, so dig up the bulb and store over winter for replanting next year.

This is my final Macro Monday photo. I am taking a rest from this flower blog until next year when I shall be back with a flower of the month along with gardens that I visit outside of Cornwall. My first Macro Monday was posted on 25 August 2015 when I got my new Macro 60mm lens for my Olympus E10 camera. They haven’t all been ‘true‘ macro photos, but the ones that are have shown minute details of both flowers and insects, something that you don’t naturally see with the naked eye. This lens has brought me a lot of pleasure, but for now I need to concentrate on some different photography during the coming winter months when flowers are scarce and winds are fast and furious.Β 

I will still be posting on my Cornish Sky blog and also Travel Words if you want to follow me there.

27 thoughts on “Macro Monday #100

  1. 100 is a nice time to pause it – and this bloom does scream for attention (and I can see why Georgia O’Keeffe painted a few different versions of Canna Lilies

        1. He’s going up again next week, so we’ll know more then. G and family visiting A in Spain next week, hope they get some sunshine! And Aussie family now in Brisbane – somewhere! It’s all go!

    1. I think this may be the way forward on this blog: to create more ‘arty’ images rather than simply photographing flowers. Not sure, but I feel that I need to make changes.

  2. I like the way the leaf is playing peekaboo. I would say enjoy your break if I did not know you’ll switch your focus to your other blogs (just an idea, but you might link them in to this post for those who use The Reader).

  3. What a fabulous photo to end on! The colours are so rich.
    Re your comment to Jo about reading in the bath… you just have to perfect the art of turning the hot tap on with your feet and you can keep the bath warm for ages (I speak from experience πŸ˜‰ )

  4. What a beautiful note on which to take a hiatus. Enjoy the break β€” and I’ll very much look forward to seeing your work again when you return.

  5. A beautiful stop for the flowering season, Jude. This is a gem. ❀ I'm totally frustrated with my new macro lens, I'm not handling the full frame focus well and keep deleting images at all the time.

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