I have been looking at the statistics on my blogs recently, in lieu of the report that WordPress used to send us all at the end of the year. It is interesting to see which posts have proved the most popular. Whether this affects the way I post is debatable, but may have a bearing on what I post.

All Time Viewings ( from April 2013 when this blog was first published)

  1. Flowers in Australia #4
  2. Garden Photography Challenge (Page)
  3. About (Page)
  4. Garden Portrait | Berrington Hall Walled Garden
  5. Garden Photography | Orange Peel
  6. Garden Photography | Get a little Closer
  7. Osteospermum Whirligig
  8. Garden Portrait | More from Nymans
  9. Macro Monday #96
  10. Horse Chestnut

I think some of these are through searches as I wouldn’t count numbers 7 and 10 as my best flower photography by a long mile! And neither post has many likes or comments.

And during the last year (2018)

  1. Flowers in Australia #4
  2. Macro Monday #96
  3. About (Page)
  4. Up the Garden Path
  5. Bee #7
  6. Change the Way You Feel
  7. Macro Monday #97
  8. Small is Beautiful
  9. Macro Monday #100
  10. World Garden List (Page)

Looking back at these posts has been good. I can at least see that my flower photography has improved since those early days! In fact I might well be doing some culling of the older posts. The camera I use has changed during this time, but I also think my way of photographing flowers has also changed. Now I don’t just snap randomly, but I look. I notice how the light falls, I move around to see if I can get a better image, a nicer background. Sometimes I just don’t bother. I walk away. I used to think that a bad shot was better than no shot. Now I don’t. I had a lot of fun hosting the garden photography challenge throughout 2016 and I might consider something similar this year, though on a smaller scale. Challenges are fun, but a lot of hard work!

I don’t want my flower photography to become jaded, so I need to figure some way of enhancing what I do. Whether that is by using editing software to create art or concentrating solely on macro work (and yes, using a tripod!) I don’t know. But I do feel that I need to energise this blog. If you have any suggestions for the direction I should take, or if you can let me know what you have liked best about this blog then I would really appreciate it. Meanwhile I shall be posting again soon with a “Flower of the Month“.  I hope you will join me.


things you have liked

11 thoughts on “things you have liked

  1. I love your garden posts and macro photography, always inspiring. One thought as you ponder blogging direction is ‘comment stats’. I know you like comments far more than just visitor numbers so maybe worth looking at those stats, to help decide style and content of your future posts. Whatever you decide though I know will be fabulous xx

  2. Tough one; and I totally get what you say about looking for better shots and sometimes walking away!!
    Do you use Instagram? I’m not that engaged with it, but like that it introduces me to new photographers and is great for inspiration. You can search hashtags (like flowers, macro, etc) and see what others are doing. I guess internet searches do something similar, but with instagram you can engage with the photographer and easily see their body of work.

  3. Your flower photos are great and I love your use of borders. I always forget the lesson you gave me and it’s on the old, long gone laptop. You are good at teaching, Jude, so maybe something involving that? But the bottom line is our blogs are an indulgence and meant to please ourselves. 🙂 🙂 Sending hugs!

  4. Hmm, I’m not a flower photographer (unless decaying), so not the best person to advise…but try wide apertures to isolate, perhaps?

  5. Hi Jude, It’s always a good exercise to look back on work and reflect. It helps set artistic goals for the year, which sounds like what you’ve done. I’m a fan of close-ups – there’s a lot you can do with them creatively (rather than programs that transform photos into paintings, etc) Wishing you a marvelous 2019 filled with beauty, inspiration and happiness.

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