During the month of March, Becky, Queen of the Square format, is back. This month she would like to see anything spiky, jagged, bristly, serrated, prickly or barbed in whatever interpretation you like. The only rule: it must be a square.
March Squares

Mahonia ‘Charity’ – Slender spikes of pale yellow flowers appear from November to March, above rosettes of large, handsome, dark green, holly-like leaves.

Spiky Squares

19 thoughts on “Spiky Squares

  1. I have this Mahonia in my garden, so I know just how lethally prickly it is. If you try to prune it, it bites back! (But the flowers are great in winter.)

  2. What a gorgeous one. I have a mahonia hidden at the bottom of my garden, but unfortunately it’s not as glorious as this. Maybe that’s why it is hidden?!!

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