Flower of the Month: March

This year March came in like a lion. After a very pleasant and unexpected ‘false spring’ in February, the wind and rain returned though happily interspersed with sunshine and at the tail end of the month calm and sunshine returned and March disappeared like a lamb.

So many bulbs which might have made it as the flower of this month had already made their presence known in the previous month, in particular the daffodil or narcissus, so I am awarding the flower of the month to the magnificent Magnolia. Cornish gardens in particularly are home to many of these magnificent trees, some of which grow to a great height and to add to the pleasure they are often found among Camellias and Rhododendrons.

All these Magnolias were photographed at Lanhydrock, nr Bodmin, where they have over 120 varieties.

30 thoughts on “Flower of the Month: March

      • Bless you that’s very kind 😍 Just getting ready to go out to celebrate Mick’s Portuguese driving licence, car on Monday and our pretty new awning. Any excuse does. Don’t feel like cooking πŸΈπŸπŸŸπŸ¨πŸ’•

        • What car? And well done Mick – did he have to take a test? I’d be nervous driving in Europe, not because it is on the right, but the language on signs. Enjoy your celebratory meal. I’m cooking Frittata . πŸ₯˜

        • White is a good colour in a hot climate. Most cars in South Africa were white or pale coloured to reflect the heat. Personally I’d love a really rich blue car.

        • It’s a newer model of the one he had in England but it has a smart black trim. Don’t fall off your seat but for €26,000 he could have had a metallic blue one. Car prices here are crazy! I’d want a house for that πŸ™‚

        • Yikes! That IS expensive, but then new cars are. Did he go for new? I’m thinking of a hybrid for my next car and they are pricey.

    • I don’t have one at all and my garden is too small, but I don’t mind because it is easy to go and see them, and the BIG ones are incredible.

  1. I’d love to visit Lanhydrock at this time of year. That’s one for the to-visit list!

  2. My pink/rose magnolia — M. soulangeana — blooms in May, sometimes earlier in milder years. Right now in my area, March is squatting in a moody heap in this early spring chill after a glorious spell. But, I did discover the first of the yellow jonquils blooming late yesterday!

    • We have had a most glorious week here in west Cornwall, though today was foggy to start with and took a while for the sun to break through, getting misty again now, but the sun is about to set and the sky has a lovely pink glow. I am content.

  3. ahh the deeper darker pink magnolias look especially gorgeous – these blooms hate the rain but fortunately they were tight buds in the first ‘in like a lion days’ and the sun has got his hat on now – though Mothers will have to wrap up on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend Jude

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