The final day for Becky’s Spiky March Squares.  This month she would like to see anything spiky, jagged, bristly, serrated, prickly or barbed in whatever interpretation you like. If you haven’t already joined in now is the last time. Post one image or thirty-one images. The only rule: they must be a square.
March Squares

Alluaudia procera (Madagascar Ocotillo)

I am finishing this challenge with one of the spiniest trees I have ever seen (Sydney Botanic Garden).  It is a spiny and scarcely branched or occasionally columnar, small succulent tree up to 50 feet (15 m). The habitat of this tree is threatened by clearing for sisal fibre plantations and grazing by Zebu cattle and Mohair goats belonging to the local people. Older trees are often cut down and made into charcoal for cooking with.

Spiky Squares

18 thoughts on “Spiky Squares

  1. Wow this is one scary tree, no climbing this in a hurry!! The leaves look like counters though, I can imagine a spiky fairy coming along and adding them!!!

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