Spiky Squares has come to an end, but here is my round-up of all my spiky, jagged, barbed, serrated and bristly photos from this month. There is an extra one. I wonder if anyone who has been following these posts carefully can spot which that is.

I have had fun looking through my archives to find suitable flora (and one bird) for this intriguing challenge and I thank Becky for hosting the challenge so well (as always). All we need to do now is wait and see what the Queen of Squares is going to challenge us with in June.

And if you have a favourite, then please let me know in the comments.

Spiky Squares: The End

18 thoughts on “Spiky Squares: The End

  1. Tough choice! My favourite is the crinum flower, I think, or the oak leaves. It was a good idea to create this review post. Who would have thought we’d have been thinking about spiky all month?

    Have you seen today’s Google Tulip film?

  2. oh this is gorgeous, thank you so so much for spotting I had not seen this wonderful collage. I think I love your ferns (bottom right) in the first one, and then in the second as much as I like the B&W ferns I think it has to be the Xanthorrhoea.

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