Flowers on Friday

Japanese Anemones make their presence known in September. These pretty flowers are very attractive to pollinators too. The term Japanese anemone is misleading.  Anemone hupehensis is actually a native of  Hupeh province in eastern China, but it was grown in Japanese gardens for centuries, hence the confusion.

Colours vary from the purest of white and the palest pinks through to deep pink. They can be grown in good light or dappled shade and  like many Asian plants, are used to summer rainfall and good winter drainage so these anemones need fertile soil that does not become waterlogged in winter.

Although they may look delicate these flowers can survive with minimal maintenance once established. With a blooming time of 6-8 weeks they are an obvious plant for late summer to autumn gardens and look good in cottage gardens, coastal gardens or a more naturalised, prairie style planting among grasses and other autumnal planting.

Anemone x hybrida ‘Pamina’

18 thoughts on “Flowers on Friday

  1. Oh…I just love these, and have done since I was a child. I have tried them numerous times, but they just don’t like my garden! Thank you for your lovely images and history.

  2. I love them too. They like my tiny front garden all too well. I have the common white one and a deep pink double, which has lost out in the ratio of about 100:3 to the white, although strangely, seems to be flourishing next door, where it wasn’t planted. ‘White Swan’ is one of my favourites at the flower shows.

    • White Swan is new to me, but very beautiful. I hope it establishes in the raised bed where I have planted it. The paler pink one which I inherited is constrained by rocks and looks lovely at this time of year (the header).

  3. I have lots of ‘September Charm’, but they have hardly a flower left by September – think their inner clock must be wrong, LOL!

  4. These self seeded in my concrete drive last year and again this year . . .and thanks to some careful handling I have managed to move them all into pots. Fingers crossed next year i will have an amazing display 🙂

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